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Meiko Spring Co., Ltd. is an automotive part manufacturer focusing on wire springs, flat springs, precision press parts and related complex products. Thanks to our unique technology and knowledge we are able to take care of the whole manufacturing process from the shape forming (including design and manufacture) to the polishing/heat treatment while making our best to offer a high quality/low cost and reactive "monodukuri"(Japanese manufacturing). We can also develop in a short delay and at a low cost prototypes from even one unit. With a manufacturing base in China (広東省)we are able to handle global projects and are already planning to open factories in other countries.
Developping proactively our R&D technology while contributing to a manufacturing respectful of the environment, we are striving to become a company that can be relied on by our customers.

Wishing for your support in the futur,

代表取締役社長 糟谷 信嘉


Name Meiko Spring Co., Ltd.

1-8-10, Heiwa Naka-ku, Nagoya-city, Aichi, Japan
TEL +81(0)52-321-9421  FAX +81(0)52-321-5838

Kariya factory
157, Kiriharai, Ichiriyama-cho, Kariya-city, Aichi, Japan
TEL +81(0)566-36-2367  FAX+81(0)566-36-2371


Establishment August 1950
Capital \45,000,000
Senior executive director
Executive director
糟谷 信嘉
糟谷 豪宏
糟谷 昌子
渡辺 輝彦
Manufacturing area Site area 7,200㎡ Building area 5,000㎡
Main customers Suzuki Motor Corporation, Aishin Seiki Co., Ltd. ,Tsuda Industries Co., Ltd. Chuyo Co. Ltd., NHK Sales Co., Ltd.
Business Automotive parts including wire spring, flat spring, precision press part and related complex product manufacturing.
Employee 112 persons
Organisation 組織図


"We strive to deliver our products on time and raise quality on a daily basis to become the number one in our field."
① Create a brigh and convivial work place
② Work with ingenuity and imagination
③ Make the company prosper and its employees wealthy
④ Go forward and not fear failure
⑤ Contribute to the society


We will drive whole organization to gain customers' satisfaction and reliability with the slogan,
"Strive for daily quality improvement activity", and make and supply all products responding to customers' need and expectation.

1. We will strive for improvements on customers' reliability and satisfaction by providing quality products.
2. We will accomplish the social responsibility, abiding by legislations and satisfying social requirements.
3. We will strive for quality improvements by setting quality target and by excuting the target.
4. We will promote continuous improvements on" quality management system " and will strive for making effective improvements. 品質システムフロー


"At Meiko Spring Co., Ltd. we want to contribute to the preservation of our planet through our work, and while taking care of environmental regulations and agreements on pollution prevention compliance etc, we aim to become a company contributing to the sustainable development of our society by continually improve our environmental standards."

1. We will abide by environment related legislations, and excute commitments we have made for the other social requirements.

2. We will set detailed environmental targets and action guidelines and excute as below.
 ① We recognize the philosophy of energy saving, and will reduce carbon dioxide emission.
 ② We will strive for segregation and reduction of waists by proper planning, and manage the reduction of recycling items.
 ③ We will strive for saving water by observing volume being used.
 ④ We will strive for observation and management of the chemical substance volume being used.
 ⑤ We will strive for the procurement of clean resources.
 ⑥ We will strive for manufacturing and supplying products which are environment-friendly.
 ⑦ We will aggressively promote activities for the contribution to the sustainable society.

3. We will share these policies with all company members, and take initiative for continuous improvements on environment management system.


Establishment of Meiko Spring Co., Ltd. Manufacturing in Nagoya, Naka ku, Heiwa
Fondation of Meiko Spring Co., Ltd. with a capital of \2,000,000
Following our business growth, moved to the present factory location (Kariya)
Expansion of the press factory
Completion of the Kariya factory offices
Capital increase to \10,000,000
Expansion of the East factory. Capital increase to \30,000,000
Foundation of "名奥弾  開発有限公司"a joint venture in China (広東省佛山市)
Capital increase to \45,000,000 for the participation in a business investment company
Acquisition of ISO 9002
Renewal of the ISO 9001:2000
Builing of an annex for the East factory
Completion of the North factory (Dedicated to mold from design to manufacturing/maintenance)
Renewal of the ISO 9001:2008
Implementation of solar power generation
Acquisition of Eco-action 21
Renewal of the ISO 9001:2015
Completion of earthquake proof construction


Meiko Spring Co., Ltd.

157, Kiriharai, Ichiriyama-cho, Kariya-city, Aichi, Japan

TEL +81(0)566-36-2367  FAX+81(0)566-36-2371